August 5, 2009

Am I switiching to tumblr for good?


I figure if I can’t have wordypress on wordpress, I’ll change my domain. But I’m not fully sure.


July 26, 2009

The problem with summers this long is that I turn into lazy. I don’t become a lazier version of myself, I just turn into an adjective. And there are only so many ways you can write down your class schedule.


July 24, 2009


Oh the Unrelated

July 14, 2009

A couple of years ago, my sister was looking for an internship for the summer, preferably in fashion. She went for an interview with this designer named Anand John, because she mistakenly thought he was Adriano Goldschmid (AG Jeans) and had an interview with him in his apartment. She refused the job because he was creepy. 

And rightly so, as he was convinced of serial rape a few years later. My dad constantly sends her updates on his situation, and this was the latest.

           Perv designer Anand Jon is out of luck. An L.A. supreme court judge refused the convicted serial rapist’s request for a new trial. The 32 year-old was found guilty last year of 14 counts of sexual related crimes involving 7 women the youngest of whom was only 14. 
           In a bizarre twist a juror passed his sister, Sanjana Alexander, a note asking for her phone number. Apparently the flirtatious indiscretion, which happened at the end of the trial, was an awkward attempt to ask her out on a date. She refused and the juror later voted to convict.  However the judge felt the two matters were unrelated.

How absolutely HORRIFYING in the first paragraph, and HILARIOUS in the second? “Perv designer” got served, and so did his juror.

July 13, 2009

parisjetaimejapanI love this movie because it reminds me how much I love love, and how many types of love there really are. It has mimes, BLKs, Oscar Wilde, French things. I really didn’t see what the big deal was with directors and how different they are from one another, until this movie proved me wrong. It makes me want to jump out my window and do good things for the world. Kind of.

You could probably watch them all on You-Tube, but here is my favorite one:

Only 2 more months until college resumes. I’m driving myself insane thinking about the future. The present is never as exciting anyway. Except for the fact Mark Ronson is blasting through every speaker I can control. And I finally got an internship! Yes yes yes yes yes my joy is unbounded, though my job is unpaid. The Hungarian Human Rights Foundation office is on the Upper East Side, and I feel like gossip girl every time I walk to and from work. Even the Duane Reade feels more upscale than I’m used to in good ole’ Murray Hill. Sorry R & S. (And I mean Roma and Shakeera, not Rufus and Serena, jeez!) 

If I feel so swanky working there three days a week, I can’t imagine what a pompous jerk I would be if I actually lived in the area. Even though, as Shakeera pointed out, Gossip Girl is filmed on the Upper West Side. But if they insist on calling the Upper West Side the Upper East Side on the show, that must mean that the UES has some kind of mystic superiority that cannot be surpassed no matter how much prettier the UWS is. Or it could be that the Upper East Side has the grand and lovely bookstore 92nd Y, which I will shamelessly say is only two blocks from the HHRF building.

Today, Laszlo (my boss) needed his car to be pushed up Lexington. So Zsolt and I pushed Laszlo’s car up and it moved so fast I was afraid it would hit the bus ahead. And then Laszlo just drove away, and we only saw him about an hour and a half later. It was like the car flew away. I love using my colleagues first names because they are so cool, and words like “colleague” because the workplace has never really been my thang. Although, I don’t know if you could count pushing my boss’s car up the street and doing NY Times crosswords that I picked up from the trash as “workplace” activity. Intern copy work starts on Monday!


New Favorite Website

June 28, 2009


Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

(A blog that alleviates the pain you get from weird looks from the bookstore cashier, and one that just makes you laugh laugh laugh laughter)

The Key to Dialogue

June 26, 2009

I have always imagined dialogue in my head. Writing it is a completely different thing, and not as much fun. Until I learned about subtext. Now, I’m addicted to it, and I can’t stop writing dialogue, and it’s usually without purpose. There are three levels of subtext:

1. Say what you mean

2. Hint at what you mean

3. Say something completely unrelated

You can witness this in movies and television. 1 is the worst, and three is the best. For example, take the line, “I’m going to kill you.” When a character comes out and just says it, it’s bad and unmemorable dialogue. But follow the pattern:

1. “I’m going to kill you.”

2. “I’m looking to try out this new gun I bought today.”

3. “I’m going to go play some tennis.”

Don’t believe me? Watch Pulp Fiction.

Bad Haircut Days

June 21, 2009

At the hair salon today, I said to the haircutter, “Don’t make my hair above my shoulders, because my hair is wavy, and it will end up looking like a triangle.”

She heard every single word of that imperative sentence, except the first word.

Now, I look like a surfer dude from the 80’s, and my hair, once it’s wavy again, will look like an isosceles triangle. A wavy one. I even had to look up the spelling of “isosceles” to write down that sentence.

I’m hoping watching Heroes religiously and nonstop will help my hair grow faster.

June 17, 2009

I want to go back to Skidmore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it’s bad to acknowledge this at this point in the summer, because there’s so much of it left, but I can’t help it. It’s either bitching about it on my blog or spending more time on the registrar.