3:20 AM

May 24, 2009

Just got of the phone with Big Al, and talked about life. It was a good conversation about life, and it was more worthwhile than sleeping, because lately I’ve been having weird dreams. Not sad or scary dreams, just really pathetic ones.

For example, I had a dream where I fell in love (mutually) with an old crush in London, and then at the peak of our relationship, he leaves me for an unidentified but very good looking friend of mine. Then, I go to the London Eye, except it’s like a large Ferris Wheel, and the conductor uses this microphone that can be heard all over the United Kingdom to say, “Attention! One person in one cabin alone. Very dangerous. Can anyone please accompany her? She’s all alone!”, and a couple of fishes jump up from the Themes. I could identify a sea bass and a tilapia, which my mother says is the cleanest, safest fish to eat. However, neither of these fish are suited for Themes water. Regardless, a goldfish jumps from the water and glares at me. As I go up this Ferris Wheel/London Eye alone, I notice my cabin is about a mile long in each direction, and when I look out the side, I can see all of London, especially my now ex-lover and his new lover feeding pigeons in Trafalgar Square, my favorite activity in the word. 

Thank the Lord I woke up then. And thank the Lord I don’t have friends that bitchy outside of my REM sleep. And thank the Lord for creating blogging so I can bitch about this unconscious brain wave to the world wide web.


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