Oceanic Flight 815

June 2, 2009

The Air-France jet that crashed is incredibly hair-raising, especially because my father is scheduled to fly across the Atlantic to India on Wednesday. Also, because the whole situation sounds frighteningly similar to what happened to the plane in Lost. 

Imagine that. Flying high up in the sky to get to Europe, maybe for business or vacation, and then possibly landing in the deepest layer of the ocean, definitely some layer in the ocean. I really hope they find the passengers. I’ve been on planes enough times to ignore the safety video they always show before take off, but I don’t because there’s something so strange about them.

They make it seem like it’s no big deal. In fact, when I was a kid, I always thought getting on the slide that turns into a raft if you’re above water seemed like fun. Adults would just jump on to this combination of a bouncing castle and a slide, arms crossed and holding their ears. If the actors weren’t muted, I was sure I would hear a, “Geronimo!”

Maybe the 228 people are floating on rafts somewhere. They could have been calm like the actors from the video, but I doubt that. Maybe they’ll see a whale. Whale spotting tours are really expensive, and they get to see one for free, but of course at an inconceivably high price. I’m sure the story of every single number of the 228 have a story that’s more just as interesting as television, just more nuanced. Of course there’s the classic tale of being stuck in a whale. Surreal life might work in the ocean, that could be why no human visits that part of the ocean the way they used to in the Age of Exploration. Maybe the ocean got lonely.


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