Lists lists lists

June 7, 2009

After reading Alie’s copy of High Fidelity in the beginning of the school year, I’ve become increasingly obsessed with making lists. And since it’s summer and I’m bored, and I incidentally happened to be taking a movie-based class, and I incidentally  happen to have blog, why not shamelessly post it? Obviously, I recommend whoever reads this to rent and watch my top 10 movies if I was stuck on a desert island (with a television and DVD set) NOW. (In order..)

1. Sunset Boulevard (Absolute perfection. There is no limit to how many times I could watch this. And it makes me feel cool because it’s black and white.)

2. Amelie

3. Vertigo

4. Death at a Funeral

5. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

6. Pan’s Labyrinth

7. The Darjeeling Limited

8. The Jane Austen Book Club (C’mon! Hugh Dancey AND Jane Austen?! How could I not?)

9. Almost Famous

10. Strictly Ballroom

I feel like there should be more here. The Legend of 1900, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Bamboozled, The Gods Must Be Crazy, and of course, Ongka’s Big Moca, but this list just grows. Note to self: Get a real life, and stop trying to make it celluloid in every single way. Like this.


One Response to “Lists lists lists”

  1. Frank said

    I’ve seen half of these. I’ll finish the list soon!

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