I am vicariously moonstruck

June 16, 2009

Being the gigantic dork that I am, I cannot let scenes like this one from Moonstruck just slip into the (horribly messy) walk-in closet of my memory. But no fancy metaphor can hide the fact I am watching 80s romantic comedy starring Cher on a summer night.

I love these accents, and how her big 80s hair moves with the wind. Nicholas Cage is super hairy in this movie. That must be noted. The scene starts getting good at 1:20. It really makes you ponder (and love) love. I apologize for the shakiness, and hope it doesn’t take your vision on a unexciting but brittle rollercoaster.





One Response to “I am vicariously moonstruck”

  1. acinom said

    I’m a wolf. You run to the wolf in me, that don’t make you no lamb.

    Love this movie.

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