Oh the Unrelated

July 14, 2009

A couple of years ago, my sister was looking for an internship for the summer, preferably in fashion. She went for an interview with this designer named Anand John, because she mistakenly thought he was Adriano Goldschmid (AG Jeans) and had an interview with him in his apartment. She refused the job because he was creepy. 

And rightly so, as he was convinced of serial rape a few years later. My dad constantly sends her updates on his situation, and this was the latest.

           Perv designer Anand Jon is out of luck. An L.A. supreme court judge refused the convicted serial rapist’s request for a new trial. The 32 year-old was found guilty last year of 14 counts of sexual related crimes involving 7 women the youngest of whom was only 14. 
           In a bizarre twist a juror passed his sister, Sanjana Alexander, a note asking for her phone number. Apparently the flirtatious indiscretion, which happened at the end of the trial, was an awkward attempt to ask her out on a date. She refused and the juror later voted to convict.  However the judge felt the two matters were unrelated.

How absolutely HORRIFYING in the first paragraph, and HILARIOUS in the second? “Perv designer” got served, and so did his juror.


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