Don’t be perverted when you think of the name of this blog. It is actually the Hogwarts motto translated from Latin to English.

But this blog is not about Harry Potter. Maybe a little bit about magic, but only the boring magic of everyday life that we have come to consider normal.

Mostly, this blog is about not being able to articulate names for things, and my life. I would like to make it more universal to attract more readers, but I am hoping my larger idea will be an outcome of this confused virtual, not-unique brainchild. 

I won’t bore you with the details. Go read the real stuff!

(PS I am aware my blog seems like a cacophonic medly of Michelangelo, Kanye West and Harry Potter, but just so you know, it is intentional and an accurate microocosm of my life)

(PPS If you don’t get the symbolic meaning of this picture, then I suggest you stop living life and start analyzing it)


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